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Alabama (Athens)
Beechwood Airpark

Description BEECHWOOD AIRPARK which is located in ATHENS, ALABAMA is a new 2600 foot turf runway in a great location. Numerous new homes are being developed in the immediate area, some priced in the low $100 thousands and from there up to $950,000. Most of this growth has happened in the last 10 years as this has become a choice recreation area because of the great water of Wheeler Lake (which is part of the TVA system of dams on the Tennessee River). The Tennessee Valley Authority still owns much of the land fronting on Wheeler Lake and the Elk River. Those lands are wildlife preserves and some are open to hunting, hiking and camping. Nature lovers are welcome here.

Restrictions call for 2000 Sq. Ft. homes and the lots are about 7 Tenths of an acre at 160 by 200. The location is about 1/2 mile north of the Tennessee River which is dammed by Wheeler Dam of the TVA lake system. The lake is 2 miles wide in this area and great for all kinds of water sports. Access to the lake is nearby.

Wouldn't you like to come see it, first hand and be part of this? I think we can all make it a great adventure.

Phone (256) 874-8049

Fax (256) 881-4727

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